Education First is a combined sales and administrative Asia Headquarter office for the Switzerland based company specializing in English language travel studies. The office occupies an area of 19,500 sq feet for 173 staff located in a zigzag shaped office building with magnificent harbor view on one side. 2 mandates from the client are : No one has a private office, and keep the continuous view towards the harbor for all to share.

As a result, a fully open plan layout, with exposed ceiling to maximize the height, and a continuous zone of breakout spaces against the windows, become the key features, along with a multi-purpose reception area with café style seating, convertible to an auditorium for 100 people enclosed by curtains, becomes the focus of the office space.

For noise privacy, glass enclosed meeting spaces and phone rooms are spread out over the entire office.

Client: EF Hong Kong
Location: Hong Kong
Area: 14,000 sq.ft.
Completion: Jan 2015

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